Luxury Real Estate Curb Appeal Ideas

download (82)When talking about luxury real estate homes cost above five hundred thousand dollars, which is not pocket change and not affordable to the middle or lower class of homeowners. If you want to sell your home you want to make sure that it makes a lasting impression on the potential buyer. There is a saying that “your first impression is always the last.” What this basically means is that when you take one look at the home something inside tells you if you want to look at the home or skip it and move on to another home.

To help a potential buyer want to look at the home inside usually the first thing that they notice is the appearance of the yard, often referred to as curb appeal. This does not mean that you have to have a curb in front of your home because most of these luxury real estate homes do not have curb but a long drive to their front door. In this situation you would improve the value of the home by using gardens, landscapes, lighting, architectural symmetry, and external painting. The job of improving the “curb appeal” of the home is done by the homeowner but the promotion is done by the real estate agent.

One of the biggest assets of selling a luxury real estate home is to make it look impressive to the buyer and to do that add colors to your garden. A very effective selling tool is to landscape the front or backyard. Around the landscape you can add some architectural symmetry with a bench under a tree, a patio, tiles in the lawn that could lead to that bench, to a patio, or it could also surround a small plot, or garden of various flowers. You could even have a small fountain by the bench, which could be sitting on a small stone or tile patio. This would speak to the potential buyer that here was a quiet place to read, feed the birds, or just relax. Most of these luxury real estate homes also have a swimming pool, which you want to make sure is free of leaves and other debris. You could have a small patio table with an umbrella and chairs. At the edge of the pool you could have some ornamental or potted plants.

You also want to make sure that if the potential buyer comes in the evening that the house is not in total darkness. Strategically place solar powered lights around your flower gardens and on the sides of your sidewalk and have a light on the front porch.

Things to Remember Before Hiring a Valuation Expert for Your Property

download (81)Property valuation is something that ensures the right value for a property whenever you intend to sell your house or purchase a new place to live in. Now, the first thing that would come to mind is the ways of determining the price of the property where you cannot estimate any random price without considering the other factors that contribute to the actual value of the property. You would by all means not be able to find the valuations and therefore, hire specialists who excel in determining the value in the most professional way without having you to settle for less or more than the exact value of the property.

The rules on the right valuation deals

While you hire professional valuation experts to help you with determining the right price for the property, they are aware of the correct methods of finding out the actual price while considering other relative factors such as the condition of the house, the added accessories with the house, the neighbourhood or the locality where the house stands, etc. Most valuation experts have the same rules that they follow and instruct the same to those of you who intend to sell their property at the right price. A few common ones are –

• Get a full valuation performed – Most people follow technology and its ways of evaluating the price of property. Statistics and graphs created through computerised methods where there are no physical inspections conducted. These statistics may not always show the right value as it is calculated without seeing what is available in reality and is often an illusion which eventually has a negative turn. Therefore, it is essential to combine the physical inspection along with the statistical analysis and then decide on the actual price.

• Check for the improvements and then initiate valuations – If you intend to have the right value for the house, you have got to take care of the improvements of the house before allowing an assessment. The house when left in a shabby or broken condition would automatically have a lesser value and thus bringing you losses for no good reasons.

• Check for the real estate highs and lows – Real estate has its ups and downs where the demand for a house purchase rises and falls. It is essential for you to keep a track of all of these and then move ahead with the price determination. If there is an urgency to sell the house, that would be a different case altogether but if you can wait, you would by all means get the best deals for your home.

How To Make Your House Market Ready

images (27)Putting your home on the market before it’s actually ready to sell can result in tremendous losses in profits. When listings are deactivated only to be reactivated again in the near future, this stigmatises the related properties. It is far better for sellers to diligently prepare for this process before getting started. This way, they can quickly and easily attract the qualified and motivated buyers that are necessary for bringing these transactions to a swift and agreeable close.

It is important to start out by connecting with a reputable listing agent. This professional can take a quick tour of your home to identify any features that need to be addressed before listing it. He or she will create a comprehensive list of repairs that should be performed and may even suggest a few upgrades that will help you fetch a much higher price for your investment.

Taking care of repairs in advance of the sales process will make it easier for the home to pass inspection. Whenever buyers use outside financing to fund these purchases, lending institutions make it mandatory for licensed inspectors to tour the properties in question in order to check for problems. If a home does not pass this inspection, funding could fall through or you may be forced to accept a lower offer.

There are countless benefits that you can gain by taking your agent’s suggestions for property upgrades. This is a great way to ensure that your home is on par with other options in the local market. Efforts to modernize your house before selling it will definitely lead to a higher sales price and thus, these are investments that will definitely provide amazing returns.

You also want to start getting a good exit strategy in place. This is your plan for leaving the home once a solid offer comes through. If your listing garners a lot of attention from qualified buyers early on could send you into a state of panic if you don’t have your exit plan all mapped out. It is best to take care of this before even listing the property.

This is also a good time to start clearing out any clutter that you have at the home interior and around the exterior of the unit. This will significantly increase the curbside appeal of your abode, even before you start paying for any upgrades or repairs. It will also depersonalize the space so that people can imaging themselves living in it while they take tours.

Staging the house is the next step in these efforts. This is the strategic process of highlighting the best features of the unit while drawing attention away from the features that might be less than appealing. Your agent can give you a ton of guidance in this area.

It may even be a good idea to use a property styling service. This is especially true if you are selling a home that isn’t your primary residence. The companies that offer these services have an affordable yet impressive range of furnishings and other design elements that can be used to stage your house. They can also use a number of proven staging strategies for enhancing the overall marketability of your listing, both in listing photos and in person.

When It Is Best To Sell a Property

download (80)One huge part of property management that people often forget about involves the time of the year when a property can be sold. You have to think about when you’re going to market your property to other people so you’ll have an easier time with getting a property to look its best. This can especially help you out when you’re trying to get your property to stand out while marketing yourself to as many people as possible.

When Is It Hard To Sell?

It is typically harder to sell a property during the winter season. This comes from how people are going to be busy with the Christmas holiday. They might have too many things on their minds and will therefore not thing about buying properties.

Meanwhile, the summer can be a tough time to market your properties in. This is a time when people are more likely to be on holiday. Therefore, the potential client pool will be limited. They might not be focused on your properties at this time of the year either.

The Fall and Spring Are Ideal

The fall and spring times are great periods of the year for you to consider when you’re going to sell your property. These are times when the potential pool of clients will be a little larger. More people are going to ask to look at your property and see how they can benefit from it. This can help you out substantially when it comes to getting a good deal.

This is also a time of the year where the weather might be a little more conducive to property shopping. As the weather starts to clear up a bit, you will have an easier time with selling your property as more people will come along.

This is also a time when you might get your property to become easier to display. With the weather being a little nicer, it will be easier for you to paint a property, maintain its landscape and much more. This is crucial as the curb appeal to a property can make more of a difference than you might think it would.