Homes For Sale In Nobody’s Price Range

images (30)The housing market took a rough hit in 2008, as the mortgage industry was both the epicenter of the financial crisis and the slowest to recover. In the years since, however, the housing industry has won hard-earned gains. One litmus test that may well indicate just how close to recovered the real estate industry is, is the sale of the “Palais Royale,” possibly America’s most expensive single-family home. The story of the palatial estate itself is a microcosm and reflection of the recession as a whole.

In 2012, the film “Queen of Versailles” debuted to rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival. The documentary follows a family headed by the wealthy owner of a timeshare company. In 2007, as the film begins, the family is riding a wave of success and building a nearly 200,000-square-foot home. The humble abode of their dreams is modeled after the Palace of Versailles, home of the French monarchy. In the best tradition of nouveau riche opulence, every surface and material used in the structure is imported from some exotic locale. The estate is designed with a 30-car garage, an 8,000-square-foot swimming pool, a 1,300-gallon aquarium, and an 18-seat home IMAX theater. As the great recession hits, however, the family’s fortune begins to evaporate. They are forced to abandon construction and reign in their feverish spending. The movie ends without any resolution to the financial woes.

After the film was released, economic recovery arrived just soon enough for the original owners to keep the property. They finished the Palais Royale so that they were able to put it on the market in early 2014. With an asking price of $139 million, the estate was instantly vaulted into the ranks of the most expensive homes for sale in the country. Unfortunately, the place failed to move and has remained off the market and uninhabited. Nobody, it seemed, had any need for a garish, 17-bedroom faux beaux-arts style dwelling in Orange County, FL.

In late November of 2015, the house went back on the market, for $20 million more than the original asking price. The home was appraised at an undisclosed sum well above $100 million, and the owners clearly believe that fortunes have improved enough over the two-year span to warrant the increased asking price. At $159 million, it tops the list of expensive homes for sale in the United States. If it sells for the asking price, or even close to it, the Palais Royale will likely become the most expensive single-family home in the United States. The current record-holder is the $147 million mansion in East Hampton, recently purchased by hedge fund manager Barry Rosenstein. There are, of course, homes for sale in Europe-actual palaces-that are worth far more, some that have even sold for close to $500 million. Still, the purchase of such an opulent estate would be a strong signal that American real estate is regaining, and possibly surpassing, its value prior to the crash.


5 Tips to Consider While Listing Your Property Online

images (29)You might think that listing the property online is really easy; of course it’s easy, but if you do it without the proper guidelines, nobody would bother to take a look at your listed property which ultimately makes your listing a waste. You must be aware that, with the advent of technology, there are lakhs of online property listings today. But how you make your property stand out of the others is what makes it interesting. Here are a few tips to list the property online, following which will increase the chances of your property getting sold or rented out soon.

  1. A Short and Appealing Headline: Headline is really an important thing to be considered while listing your property online, as it’s the first thing people get attracted to. So make sure that the headline is short and crispy, so that it will have a good first impression on the potential buyers. Also, it increases the chances of your ad getting noticed, as a messy or incomplete headline can turn off the buyers.
  2. Provide enough Information: While posting your property, there are lots of things to be considered like the location of the property, amenities, configuration, and furnished/unfurnished status, price and so on. Make sure you explain each of these things in at least a line to make the buyer know more your property. Also, don’t add any information that is irrelevant making your description lengthy and meaningless.
  3. Appropriate Photos and Videos: Have you heard a phrase ‘Seeing Is Believing’? People tend to believe what they see. So make sure you provide some good images and videos that support your property advertisement. The photographs which you provide must have good resolution and must cover both the interior and exterior of the property. You can also add a walkthrough video covering all the areas; it establishes the authenticity of your property.
  4. Property Verification: Get your property verified by the field executives; this establishes accuracy, legitimacy and validity of your property. Getting a verified seal can eliminate the distrust and establishes authenticity. As people are more worried about the fraud properties these days, it’s has been an important thing to be considered while listing the property to show that the property is genuine.
  5. Provide Infra-updates: Provide users the information about what’s around your property like distance to the important landmarks from your location. You can mention the distance to the nearest malls, hospitals, restaurants, banks and other important places. Buyers always like to go with the property with a well-developed market in the vicinity.

5 Top Tips for a Quick House Sale

download (89)If you’re looking for a quick house sale there are some simple steps you can follow which will help you to find a buyer in a timely manner.

Find the right agent:

When it comes to estate agents you’re likely to be presented with a huge variety of options. Should you pick a high street estate agent or an online service? Should you go for a big name, national company or are you better to go with a local independent agent? The main thing is to do your research. Which estate agents have sold properties nearby recently? How quickly did the properties sell? Did they achieve a good price? All of this information can be gathered online using websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla and land registry. Don’t just pick the cheapest service available, choose the agent that has the best knowledge of your area and who will be able to sell your property well.

Price it right:

Everyone likes to get excited about national headlines that refer to rising house prices, but it’s important to not get carried away by national stories and look at your local property market. Speak to a few different agents to get an idea of what your property might be worth, and also do your own online research – but make sure you look at ‘sold’ prices rather than ‘asking’ prices, as these are often very different! The price your estate agent suggests putting your house on the market for will not necessarily be the price they expect your property to achieve, so it’s important to ask your agent what figure you can realistically hope to achieve in terms of offers people are likely to make.

Present it well:

It might sound obvious, but it’s important that your property is presented well if you want to achieve a quick house sale. Make sure you finish off any DIY jobs and give the walls a fresh lick of paint if they’re looking a little tired. Don’t forget first impressions either – it’s been estimated that most potential buyers will decide on a property in the first five seconds, which doesn’t give them time to get much further than the front door. Make sure the front of the property is well presented and gives the right impressions of the property; if you’re aiming at family buyers make your property look friendly and homely, keep any front lawn area neat and tidy and optimise any parking facilities, or if you’re aiming at young professionals make sure your property looks smart yet easy to maintain.

Be flexible:

When it comes to price and timescales try to be as flexible as possible – of course you’re likely to have a minimum figure you can accept and timescales you hope to meet, but a bit of give and take when negotiating with a keen prospective buyer will get you far. If someone is offering you a couple of thousand pounds less that you would ideally like, but are able to move quickly, it’s worth seriously considering their offer – the property market is full of uncertainties so it’s sometimes better to accept less money for a more proceedable buyer, which leads us nicely on to…

Research your buyers:

This is part of the job that a good estate agent will carry out, so make sure you push them gather as much information about prospective buyers as possible. First time buyers and chain-free buyers tend to be the most desirable as they reduce the risk of your buyer pulling out due to chain collapse. First time buyers can also be very keen to move quickly and secure their first home, but they can also be quite nervous buyers, so that’s also worth keeping in mind. Your estate agent should be able to tell you how serious they are about buying your property by asking questions about the finance they have in place, what timescales they’re keen to work within and what their plans are for giving notice on their current accommodation. Knowing as much as you can about each buyer will help you to make the right decision about which potential buy best suits your circumstances and is most likely to deliver that highly desired quick house sale.

Doing These 4 Things Can Make Selling Your Home Easier

download (92)It can be quite a job to sell a house. Many of my friends who have sold their houses have told me about the headaches that come with selling a home. There are so many things to think about. If you are going to sell your home, or think that one day you might. There are some things you can do along the way to ease up some of the stress that comes with putting your house on the market.

Maintain Your Yard

Most homeowners care for their yards. However, some actually do not put as much time into their yards as they should. – And this can be a problem when it is time to sell a house. They let their grass die, and flower beds fill up with weeds. This means when it is time to get the house ready to sell, there is a lot of work to be done. – And it’s hard to get a yard ready in a couple of weeks. So maintaining your yard regularly is a great way to avoid that yard headache.

Maintain Your Appliances

My mom recently moved into a house in the historic district. Everything there was historic… Including her appliances.

Don’t get me wrong, I love older houses, but modern appliances make things easier for homeowners and make your house a lot easier to sell when the time comes. So, keep that dishwasher working well or buy a new one if it is giving you problems.

Paint Regularly

Even though the house flipping reality shows are really popular right now, many people out there who are buying houses are not into totally redoing a house when they move. They have other things to worry about like kids, jobs and well, buying a house. It’s amazing what a fresh paint job can do. So make it a point to paint regularly and keep that house looking nice.

Take Care of Your Roof

This is last on the list, but definitely not any less of a concern when it comes to maintaining your home. Roof cleaning and roof care is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a home. Roofs that aren’t maintained can literally rot and cost thousands of dollars to repair. Also, ugly roofs with green and brown streaks can be the very thing that makes would-be buyers of your home just drive on by while out browsing homes. Who wants to fool with repairing a roof when moving into their new home anyway?

Tips On How To Sell Your House Fast For Top Dollar

download (91)It’s the dream of every person looking to sell a house to sell it as soon as possible and at a high price. Unfortunately this is not the case. In some cases it can take you up to a year before you get a prospective buyer. While its tough selling a house, it doesn’t mean that you can’t sell yours fast and at a high price. Here are tips that will help you do it:

Prepare your house for sale

There is no buyer that will buy a mediocre house. You need to ensure that your house in good condition. One of the things that you should do is keep the house spotlessly clean. Give all areas of the house a thorough cleaning. For a better job, hire a cleaning company to help you out. When cleaning, pay attention to smells.

If you are still living in the house, don’t cook bacon during the day that you are showing it. This is to prevent it from smelling like a fast food restaurant. Also remember to paint the walls and get rid of your personal effects.

In addition to giving attention to the inside of the house also consider the outside. An easy way of giving life to the outside of the house is mowing the lawn. Also plant or place flowers at strategic areas of the house.

Sell your house with a realtor

Once the house is in good condition and don’t want to go the hard way of advertising the house, work with a realtor. When finding a realtor, choose one that has been in the industry for long as he/she understands the ins and outs of the business. He/she also might know people that might be interested in buying the house.

In addition to the professional helping you sell the house fast, he/she will also guide you on the areas that you should fix, clean or remove. This is to make the house more attractive for selling.

According to studies, most realtors sell houses on an average of 6 months. This calls for you to brace yourself to be in the market for at least six months. Also be ready to pay the realtor a 6% service charge.

Sell to a real estate investor

There are many real estate investors in the market that buy houses, renovate them and later sell them. Most of the investors will visit your house and analyze it in order to find its value. They will also identify the areas that need to be repaired/ renovated. Investors are good to sell to if you are in urgent need of money. When working investors be cautious as some of them might try to rip you off. To sell the house at top dollar, repair the house by yourself.


These are tips on how to sell your house fast and at a high cost. Regardless of the professional that you work with, ensure that he/she is experienced and reputable.